10 Must-Have Laundry Room and Kitchen Home Appliances and Products

Home appliances have evolved as quickly as technology permits, helping housekeepers and homeowners work and live more efficiently.

Among some of the most revolutionary appliances have been coffee makers, juicers, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Recently, many individuals have spent more time at home than ever before and adapted to alternative means of hosting and entertaining, which has sparked a few innovations from home appliance manufacturers.

Must-Have Home Appliances & Helpful Gadgets

With kitchen and laundry rooms carrying the heaviest workload at home, it only makes sense that appliance designs improve to help people keep up in these spaces.

The following are several home appliances and gadgets you should consider investing in for your kitchen and laundry room.

Top 5 Laundry Room Appliances & Helpful Products to Go with Them

As we all know, the two basic appliances for a laundry room are the washer and dryer, and perhaps also a steamer and iron.

However, there are several additional gadgets and gizmos that can help you run a more efficient laundry day. Here five appliances and products to consider.

#1: LG Styler

The LG Styler is the perfect addition to every laundry room for extra clean and sanitization needs. This appliance utilizes the power of steam to reduce wrinkles and odors. And, it has the added power to sanitize and remove allergens.

“LG Styler has also earned the asthma and allergy friendly® certification from the respected Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American (AAFA) for its superior performance in ridding fabrics of allergens.”LG

#2: Miele W1 Washer & Dryer

Not every washing machine is able to remove allergens and bacteria that your linens accumulate on a daily basis. However, the W1 washers from Miele have been designed with wash cycles that allow you to sanitize and focus on removing allergens.

Their dryers are equally sophisticated, allowing you to select a fragrance to infuse into the drying cycle. Both machines are app compatible, allowing you to remotely control them for your convenience.

#3: Gardus RLE202 LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System

Over time, your dryer can easily become inefficient due to lint accumulation. With a lint eating system, such as the Gardus RLE202, you can remove the lint that does not get caught in the lint filter.

#4: D-Link DCH-S160 mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor

Any water leak has the potential to cause significant damage to your home. This Wi-Fi water sensor will alert you of any leaks so you can proactively detect and control the leak as soon as it happens.

#5: Detergent Cup Holder

Your laundry room should be a space that helps you clean messes, not make them. All too often, liquid detergents and fabric softeners can make a sudsy, sticky mess on the shelf or on the countertops. Detergent cup holders catch the drips and stop detergent messes.

Top 5 Kitchen Appliances & Useful Products

Kitchens, alongside bathrooms, are one of the most commonly renovated rooms in homes today because they get the highest traffic. Here are five kitchen appliances and products to help make living and entertaining more enjoyable and efficient.

#1: Undercounter Wine Refridgerator – Summer 2021

If you have a special wine collection the requires careful preservation, then Signature Kitchen’s under-counter wine refrigerator is just for you. This kitchen appliance will be available in summer 2021.

“Holding 41 bottles, this refrigerator protects wine from its biggest threats: vibration, light, and variations in temperature and humidity. Dark opaque glass doors are triple-paned for UV protection; dampening engineering wards against vibration; dual evaporators to maintain steady moderate humidity, and two independent temperature zones to keep your wine collection precisely preserved.”Signature Kitchen

#2: SuperSteam+™ Built-In Wall Oven By Sharp

Steaming is not only helpful in the laundry room, but in the kitchen, too. This built-in wall steamer by Sharp compliments your cooking with superheated steam for browning meats, caramelizing sugar, or grilling foods without smoke.

#3: Miele’s CM6 MilkPerfection Coffee System

Make lattes and coffee beverages from the comfort of your home. The CM6 MilkPerfection coffee system by Miele lets you have the ultimate control over your water, milk, and froth ratios and program your preferences.

#4: BlueStar by Design

BlueStar® by Design is a new cutting-edge process which allows any image, text, print, pattern, or artwork to be applied to a range or refrigerator.

BlueStar® has been innovating kitchen customizations for several years, offering with over 1,000 colors and finishes, 10 metal trims, and 190 knob color options. Now you can even choose designs from your favorite fabric swatch, photo, tile patterns, artwork, and more.

#5: Touch Screen Family Hub™ Refrigerator

This four-door refrigerator is from a line of Samsung’s smart fridges. Between the Family Hub, Bixby, and Samsung’s voice assistant, it has all of the necessary features you would find helpful in a fridge. You can jot down a memo on the fridge–perhaps a grocery list–and pull it up on your smartphone at the store so you never forget that all-important bag of lemons.

Renovation or New Home Appliances–Why Not Both?

Adding the latest in technology, appliances, and products to your home can be beneficial for improving its energy efficiency and your daily routine. However, some homes may not be equipped for or were not designed with modern conveniences in mind.

In that case, remodeling and updating your home can help make living and entertaining feel seamless at home.

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