5 Beautiful Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchens are the heart of a home and central to everyday living and entertaining. Here are five beautiful kitchen design styles to help inspire the perfect kitchen for your home.

For some interior design savvy homeowners, designing the perfect kitchen may seem easy. But many homeowners rely on Pinterest photos of kitchen design styles or the professional help of designers, architects, and contractors.

Oftentimes, kitchen design styles are pre-determined by the architecture of your home. However, styles are fluid and leave plenty of room to cohesively modify the spaces of your home to meet your style preferences.

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen to match the feel of the other rooms in your home or you need to design and build your home from the ground up, our expert renovation and construction crew can help. Here are five beautiful kitchen design styles to inspire you.

#1 Cottage Farmhouse

If you want to feel warm and cozy and have plenty of functionality, then the cottage farmhouse kitchen design style is perfect for you. This kitchen style is complete with open shelving, wide sinks, beadboard paneling, soft colors throughout, vintage hardware, and pops of accent color tones of red, yellow and blue. It evokes a simple blend of rustic, rural and modern.

#2 Rustic

Designing a rustic kitchen means creating a rugged and natural space that rivals the classic white kitchen. To create this rich and cozy design style, you should incorporate elements of nature, such as brick, stone and timber paired with vintage appliances and perhaps even a fireplace to make it extra cozy.

#3 Modern Contemporary

People define modern and contemporary styles in many different ways. However, the common thread is a sleek, simple, sophisticated and, most importantly, clutter-free design. The staple materials that often mark a kitchen as modern or contemporary are reflective, smooth surfaces and geometric or linear structures with clean whites, neutrals and pops of playful colors.

#4 Classic Traditional

Think arches and decorative moldings with a clean, comfortable and welcoming feeling that embodies the personal style of the homeowner. Paneled or glass cupboard doors complete this refined and comfortable design style. Colors for this kitchen style are typically not trendy choices but are rich and consistent, like white, soft blues, greens, and beiges.

#5 Mediterranean

The Mediterranean kitchen design style will bring life to your home. This design style creates a very elegant and warm environment for living, cooking, and hosting. Picture flared hoods, beamed ceilings, plenty of tile, and rich russet and cobalt tones.

Creating Beautiful Kitchen Design Styles

Designing a beautiful kitchen that functions best for your lifestyle can be challenging. Many individuals rely on the professional help of designers, architects, and contractors, like us, to get it just right.

Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or designing and building your home from the ground up, we are here to help. Contact Ryan A. Jones to get started on your new kitchen today.