5 Steps to a Successful Home Remodel

Lifestyles change and families outgrow their homes, which is why many people may choose to remodel. However, there are many factors to consider for a successful home remodel.

Some people may choose to go all-in, pursuing a do-it-yourself (DIY) renovation, while others prefer the expertise and precision of professionals to handle the many surprises that can arise


5 Steps to A Successful Home Remodel

Regardless of your preference, DIY or professional, undergoing a home remodel is an exciting time and should follow these five steps.

#1: Planning

Arguably the most exciting step of the process, aside from clean-up and completion, the planning phase is when you will decide on all the styles and designs your project will include and list your must-have features and products.

With so many floorplans, furnishings, and fixtures to choose from, having a professional on your home remodeling team can help you to make the best selections to fit your lifestyle and design preferences.

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#2: Budgeting

Having an idea of the scope of work and your accompanying budget is another way to stay on track. Whether or not the price tag of your project could be a deal-breaker, you should get written estimates from licensed contractors and interior designers.

This can help you better understand who would be the best candidate for your project, and you can get a feel if their communication and professionalism level is compatible with yours.

#3: Demolition

Once you have determined your budget, scope of work, and the professionally licensed contractor you are entrusting your home remodel with, it is time for demo day.

As you break down parts of your home, you may encounter a few speed bumps (asbestos, plumbing complications, lead, etc.) that may slow down your home remodel, especially if you need to acquire special, unforeseen permitting.

This can be the most nail-biting phase of a renovation, as the piles of dust and sledgehammers hack away to create a blank canvas.

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#4: Construction

Demolition is typically finished quickly, while ensuring everything is properly completed during the construction phase which can be a lengthier process.

Depending on the extent of your home remodeling project, you may want to consider staying in a hotel, with family, or even an apartment until it is complete–unless the noise, dust, and the possibility of no air conditioning, electricity, or plumbing does not bother you.

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#5: Clean-up

This is the most exciting phase of a home remodel. When it comes time to clean up, it means you have survived any unforeseeable surprises or permitting needs that could arise, and now you can finally enjoy your highly anticipated, beautiful new home.

Get Started on Your Home Remodel

From planning to clean-up, there is a lot of preparation that goes into a successful home remodel.

At Ryan A. Jones and Associates, our expertise as builders and renovators of luxury homes allows us to provide our clients with the services and knowledge necessary for the successful planning, designing, permitting, construction, and ongoing estate management of your home.

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