7 Patio Design Ideas for Outdoor Relaxing and Dining

With a combination of sophisticated styling and efficient design, you can create the perfect outdoor entertaining, relaxing, and dining space from the comfort of your home. Whether you have a compact deck or ample amount of space in your backyard, you can utilize any number of these seven patio design ideas to make your outdoor space welcoming all year round.

7 Patio Design Ideas

Whether you’re designing a new deck or renovating an existing one, these patio design ideas will help you take full advantage of the salty air and warm sunshine 365 days a year.

#1 Lighting

The sun may provide the lighting during the daytime, but what about those cool fall evenings and winter nights? Layered lighting is essential for your interior, but it’s also applicable to your patio. Save floor space and create the mood you want by hanging string lights, outdoor chandeliers or lanterns, and wall-mounted fixtures.

#2 Seamless Transitions

Create a seamless indoor/outdoor transition by connecting or building your patio directly off a room in your house. This will create extra living space and will make the outdoors feel like it’s an extension of your home.

#3 Shaded Areas

Even with the sea breeze, the sun’s rays can feel a bit toasty at times. Adding shade to areas of your patio will help you keep cool and allow you to continue to relax and unwind outside without overheating. You can create shaded areas with a pergola, mature trees, or large umbrellas.

#4 Custom Fire Pit

Fire pits will create an added cozy element for your outdoor patio space. Make it a unique and stylish space with plush cushions and fabric designs that add character and color.

#5 Outdoor Shower

Whether you’re coming back from the beach or just need a quick rinse, you can’t go wrong by installing an outdoor shower. For a little added privacy, you can install a stylish partition.

#6 Outdoor Patio Bar

Add a luxurious and functional outdoor patio bar to your backyard patio so you can spend your evenings sitting back and relaxing while a nightcap. It’s your bar, so design it how you like it, perhaps with outdoor chairs or stools, and even an umbrella to complete the look.

#7 Outdoor Daybed

Make your patio dreamy with an outdoor daybed. It’s ideal seating for celebrations and takes casual lounging to another level. It’s also the perfect way to stargaze in the evening or enjoy the sunrise.

We Can Help Bring Your Patio Design Ideas to Life

Are you considering adding a patio or deck to your outdoor space? Or do you want to revamp your existing one? Our team at Ryan A. Jones can help bring your patio design ideas to life, selecting modern materials that fit your space and your style. Contact us today to make sure your patio is best-suited to your lifestyle and home.