Built-in Water Features for Your Vero Beach Backyard

From a luscious green lawn with colorful florals to outdoor kitchens and stylish outdoor furniture, you may have the ideal outdoor design. However, something feels like it is missing—something that really makes it feel like you are stepping into an outdoor oasis from the comfort of your home…

There are several creative ways to enhance and upgrade your backyard space, such as installing a beautiful water feature. Aside from aesthetics, built-in water features create soothing sensations and add one more enticing element to your outdoor space. Depending on the design you choose to incorporate in your backyard, it may even buffer out noise pollution.

There are several ways to incorporate a water feature into your backyard oasis.

3 Built-In Water Features to Install in Your Backyard

The following are a few water feature designs you should consider installing in your backyard to transform and elevate your outdoor space.

#1: Garden Creek & Stream

Hearing flowing water in your backyard may be the epitome of a soothing sound. You can make this a reality by creating a built-in creek or stream.

Though there are ways that you could do it yourself, hiring a professional who can design and build a creek or stream that complements your landscape and connects with the architectural design of your home is the best way to install this type of water feature.


#2: Outdoor Shower

Living along the coast has so many benefits, but it comes with salty air and sandy toes. An outdoor shower is a highly functional water feature for homes along the coast. Whether you want to shower, rinse off, or enjoy the ambient sounds of falling water, installing a shower can make that possible for your outdoor space.

outdoor shower with palm trees

#3: Water Wall

Water walls are a great water feature to install in your backyard to divide spaces or add a dramatic accent to your landscape. They are perfect for smaller spaces and complement modern home designs.

waterfall in backyard

Transform Your Outdoor Space into An Oasis

There are several ways you can elevate your outdoor spaces, from stunning water features to beautiful outdoor kitchens. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we can help design and build the perfect spaces tailored to your unique lifestyle. Contact us today to learn how we can help transform your spaces!