Choosing the Best Architectural Home Design for Your Family

Choosing the best architectural home design for your family can be an exciting part of building your new home. However, it does come with a unique set of challenges, as it will mold around you and your family’s lifestyle, helping you create many memories for years to come…whether it is playing in the backyard treehouse or cooking meals together.

After researching builder’s portfolios and sample floor plans, choosing the best architectural design for your home and family can quickly become overwhelming. You will likely have several questions, such as where the master bath should be located or whether you should have bay windows in a particular room.

3 Suggestions for Creating Your Home’s Architectural Design

Before you get too overwhelmed by the process of building your home and designing the floor plan, there are a few suggestions that can help you choose the best architectural design for your home.

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#1: How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need?

The size of your family can change over the years, whether that is due to having kids, becoming empty nesters, or taking in your in-laws and parents. You should factor in the current and the future number of bathroom and bedroom spaces you will need.

You should also consider whether each bathroom will need a shower, tub or both, how many bedrooms will be available as guest rooms, and whether they should be adjacent to their respective bathrooms or en suite.

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#2: Where will you be located and what is your family’s lifestyle?

Oftentimes, the location of your new can help guide its architectural design. In addition to the location of your home, you should consider your family’s lifestyle and where they spend most of their time: inside, outside, or out and about in the community.

Knowing this can help you determine if you should invest in indoor entertainment and activity spaces or focus on outdoor features, such as a summer kitchen, pool, or garden. Making a list of your top 10 must-haves (guest entertainment, space for growing kids, or a decked-out kitchen) can help you determine where and what to prioritize.

#3: What is your ideal floor plan and how will you furnish the spaces?

Have you considered your preferred floor plan design…traditional, modern, open concept, etc.? The floor plan of your home and how you plan to furnish each space are two considerations worth evaluating, as certain layouts are better suited for specific aesthetics.

Considering how your family functions and flows in each space can help guide you towards the best floor plan and layout for your home. For example, should the theater have its own wing or entertaining areas be located away from bedrooms so the noise doesn’t interrupt anyone’s sleep?

Creating the Best Architectural Design for Your Home

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Your family’s present and future lifestyles should help guide your home designing process. The builder you choose can also lend his/her knowledge and expertise to help you create the optimal layout that meets your family’s needs.

Walls can always be painted and spaces redecorated, but renovating the structural design requires more of an investment, which is why it is ideal to get it right the first time. At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we have over 20 years of high-end construction experience in Vero Beach and specialize in customized, high-end estate management as well. Contact us today to learn how we can help bring the home of your dreams to life.