Get Inspired by These 3 Dining Room Design Trends

Kitchens and bathrooms are beginning to take a back seat to dining rooms when it comes to remodeling. Get inspired by these three dining room design trends.

Over the past several years, the most popular rooms to renovate and remodel in your home have been bathrooms and kitchens. While kitchen and bath remodels are still holding rank, other hidden gems of your home are also coming into the spotlight, like your formal dining space.

The formal dining room was traditionally used for special occasions, but now they are starting to serve as the personalized entertainment mecca in the house.

3 Inspiring Dining Room Design Trends

Investing in a dining room remodel is on trend right now, but there are a few modern updates you should know about. Here are three dining room design trends to inspire your renovations.

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#1 Create the Perfect Ambiance

With dining rooms getting used more as people are more often choosing to host dinner parties rather than go out, it is important that your space provides entertaining and dining amenities.

The dining room is no longer limited to sitting and eating dinner, rather this room is becoming a space where you can play cards, sit comfortably in a swanky space, share a laugh, unplug, and unwind with friends and family.

Here are a few ways to update your dining room design to create the perfect entertainment ambiance:

  • Add plenty of seating options that can handle a spill or two
  • Wallpaper your ceilings to add a subtly entertaining pop
  • Make a statement with your light fixtures and window coverings

#2 Connect with Nature in a New Way

More and more people are incorporating plants and natural elements into their dining room design. It is in our nature to crave a connection with natural surroundings–it just feels good. Plants are not only a great way to do just that, but they also add color and texture to the room.

Here are a few ways to include plants in your dining room design and feel connected with nature:

  • Decorate a wall with an array of plants
  • Hang your favorite blooms, succulents, or ferns from the chandelier or statement light fixture
  • Hide an awkward corner with a beautiful potted plant like a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Dracaena
  • Add some color and texture to your table by adding a few small decorative plants or succulents
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#3 Ditch the Formality and Make it Personal

In newer homes, you may have noticed that they are no longer sectioned off rooms, but rather open spaces that can serve a multitude of functions. The formal dining room has become less and less appealing over time, and it is becoming more of a multi-purpose room that is used for more than just eating.

The dining room is becoming a statement room, full of curated designs, colors, textures, and furniture to best fit your lifestyle needs, whether that means studying, entertaining, eating or anything else under the sun!

Here are a few dining room design trends to help you lessen the formality and make it a truly personalized space:

  • Avoid matching pieces and sets
  • Create more seating with a bench
  • Panel a wall or two
  • Choose a statement piece to decorate the room
  • Mix and match materials and décor

What Dining Room Design Trends Will You Try?

Dining room design trends are all pointing toward versatility. Dining rooms are now being used for so much more than just eating meal together one night of the year. They are transitioning into more personalized spaces that are suitable for unplugging, entertaining, and feeling more connected with your family and guests.

You can add your personal touch to your dining room, or any room in your home, while also increasing its overall value. If you are ready to elevate just your dining room design or your entire home design, Ryan A. Jones & Associates can help. Contact us to today to learn how.