The 4 Top Cabinet Door Styles for Your Kitchen

When designing a new kitchen, there are many different factors for you to consider. Perhaps one of the most important is the style of the cabinet doors. The cabinets serve as a focal point, bringing the design of the entire room together, and they are often the most noticeable part of the space.

4 Top Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

There’s a wide range of cabinet styles available, from the simplest to the more elaborate options. Here are the most popular cabinet styles on the market to assist you in creating or renovating your dream kitchen.

1. Flat

The flat cabinet style is commonly seen in contemporary and modern-style homes. These doors feature clean lines and are often void of any handles or decorations, giving them a simple and chic appeal. Flat cabinet doors come in a variety of options but are typically made of laminate or traditional wood. The laminate doors offer a minimalist appeal to the kitchen, and they are often accompanied by white countertops, islands with waterfall edges, simple bar stools, and neutral hues all around.

flat cabinets

2. Shaker

The shaker-style cabinet is very common in a wide array of kitchens, due to its ability to match a variety of kitchen styles. These cabinets may be traditional, contemporary, chic, or modern, because they follow the overall flow of the entire room. This is possible due to their clean lines and overall functionality. Shaker cabinets often feature see-through glass paneling and come in a variety of shades and finishes.

These cabinets are comprised of five-piece doors, and often a flat center panel. The shaker style compliments virtually any kitchen design, making decorating simple and efficient. Their universal look allows you to redecorate the room if needed, giving you greater flexibility in choosing appliances and décor for the kitchen.

shaker cabinets

3. Inset

Inset style cabinets offer a classic feel that simply does not go out of style. These doors sit inside the cabinet frame rather than outside the frame like most other styles. Because of their inset design, they require exposed hinges instead of the typical concealed hinges other cabinets offer.

This style creates a clean look, and often compliments steel appliances, white countertops, and cool-toned hues. If your home has a coastal feel, these cabinets may be right for you.

inset cabinets

4. Beadboard

Beadboard cabinets are often found in cottage or country-style homes. The cabinet gets its name from traditional beadboard, a common wood-slat style used on walls before drywall and paint became the norm. These doors feature the vertical beadboard slats and are seen in a variety of colors. White is a common choice for these doors, which creates a cottage style atmosphere.

The casual comfort design allows opportunity for mixing and matching colors, whether through appliance colors or multi-colored decorations. You can change the overall look of these doors by including glass panels into the top row of cabinets, while leaving the bottom row as the traditional wood-slat style. This will create a more creative and dynamic kitchen appeal.

Renovating Your Kitchen?

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