The Best Cabinets for Your Vero Beach Coastal Kitchen

Ample storage space is a common need for many homeowners. In kitchens, storage space is mostly provided through cabinetry.

With cabinets occupying so much of your kitchen space, it is important to choose the right style that complements and enhances the space.

That is often easier said than done because there is an wide variety of wood types, stains, and styles to choose from…not to mention the added confusion of hard and soft classifications, which do not directly indicate the actual hardness of the wood.

2 Considerations When Choosing Wood Cabinets

When choosing which wood cabinets will best complement your coastal kitchen, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration, including the wood grain and color.

But keep in mind that the best cabinets for coastal kitchens will heavily depend on your personal preferences and taste.

#1: Wood Grain

Every wood choice will have slight variations in their grain (knots, patterns, and markings) which gives added personality to your space and enhances the coastal ambiance. Wood grains can vary from straight, to spiral, to curvy and are dependent on the wood’s cut and species.

#2: Wood Color

Color is another consideration when choosing your kitchen cabinets. There are several shades, tones, and stains that you can choose to complement your home’s coastal design and your personal aesthetic preferences. Just like when you are choosing countertops and flooring, ordering cabinet samples can be helpful to finding the best material selection for your space.

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Best Coastal Kitchen Cabinetry

There are many reasons why wood cabinets are an excellent material choice for coastal kitchens. Wood provides ample design flexibility and offers a wide range of styles to complement any space. Here are some of our top choices.

Maple Cabinets

Maple is a very popular choice for cabinetry, very versatile, and available in a variety of colors. This type of wood has a smooth texture and typically has a fine-grain and light color. Due to its versatility, it is a great choice for semi-custom and custom cabinetry.

Birch Cabinets

Birch cabinets have a unique grain pattern and can be stained to look like cherry or maple. However, it is known to have some irregular coloring but often still provides homeowners with a fresh and upscale look.

Oak Cabinets

High-quality oak cabinetry exudes a timeless and rustic look. It provides spaces with distinct, traditional aesthetics but is also easily able to blend into more modern designs. Like other types of wood, there are several colors to choose from that can complement your kitchen’s design.

Installing the Best Cabinets for Your Coastal Kitchen

Cabinetry can dramatically impact the ambiance and overall personality of your kitchen and home. That’s why it is important to hire a professional team who can help guide your selection and who won’t take shortcuts or skimp on the quality of materials, such as substituted particle board or cheap fillers.

At Ryan A. Jones & Associates, we understand how important your home is to you and work closely with you to capture your unique vision.

Whether you are designing and building your home from the ground up or renovating your kitchen space, we provide you with everything necessary to get the job done properly and on time. Contact us today to get started with bringing your vision life.