Top 5 Beautiful Bathroom Upgrades

Renovating your home to stay up-to-date with home style trends and technological advances can be challenging. But we’re here to give you some insight into some of the best improvements you can make!

While any renovation to your home can be a worthwhile investment, there is nothing quite like kitchen or bathroom upgrades. These are rooms that your family and guests frequently use, which is why they are also typically the more expensive and sought-after rooms for renovations and upgrades.

There are many functional design aspects that go into creating comfortable, livable, and inviting kitchens and bathrooms. Having a poorly designed kitchen or bathroom layout can greatly affect the level of enjoyment you can get from your home.

Getting the bathroom right the first time when your home is being built is ideal, but that’s not always the case. You may also decide to give certain parts of your home a facelift by renovating or altering the layout a bit.

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to make some changes to your current home, here are 5 bathroom upgrades that’ll add value to your home!

#1 Textured Tile Shower Floors

Anytime you’re choosing tile, there are an infinite amount of possibilities. But with small, textured ceramic or porcelain tiles, you can reduce slipping once the floor gets wet and soapy. Designing a textured tile floor by mixing and matching the patterns will provide maximum visual impact, or you can do something more understated for a softer, more harmonious look.

#2 Add a Bathtub

Bathtubs are a bathroom staple. Whether you use them daily or semi-annually, they are nice to have not only for aesthetics, but also for relaxation and enjoyment. You never know when you’ll want to unwind from a busy day and sip something sweet while soaking in the tub.

#3 Window in the Shower

Windows function as ventilation for your home, helping to release the moisture that gets trapped inside from cooking, ironing, or in this case, bathing. They are also great for naturally illuminating a room. To improve both ventilation and illumination in your bathroom, consider installing a window in your shower.

#4 Hidden Toilet Tank

These toilet tanks are hidden behind the wall and are sure to increase your home’s value. They are perfect for giving small bathrooms an illusion of more space, and they are also nice to have in larger bathrooms too because you will no longer have a bulky eye-sore.

#5 Create an Oasis

Make your bathroom into your own personal oasis. Maybe for you that means installing an entertainment center with a big screen on the wall and surround sound speakers in the corners of the room. Or maybe you want to add a fireplace to enjoy the sound of the crackle and the warmth during the winter. If it’s your en suite master bathroom, you may even want to install a double-sided fireplace to enjoy both in your bedroom and while soaking in the tub. Make it even more of an oasis with just a few additional shower upgrades, like a steam shower, dual shower heads, body sprays and a broad bench.

Make every part of your home, including your bathrooms, as luxurious as the rest of your home. With over 20 years of high-end construction experience in Vero Beach, Ryan A. Jones & Associates can help design your vision and make it a reality. Contact us today to get started.