Top 5 Kitchen Improvements for 2020

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most lived in spaces in a home, which makes them the obvious rooms to improve and upgrade. Open concept homes break down the tradition of having many walls that section off the home, and they create a seamless transition from the living room and/or dining room to the kitchen.

The kitchen is a part of the gathering and hosting space that fosters the perfect entertaining environment. With kitchens being the focal point of home designs, you should have all the features and details of yours perfect for you! The following are 5 kitchen improvements to focus on when upgrading and adding in your home this year.

#1 Smart Kitchens

The smart home–you’ve heard of it, but if you didn’t want an entirely smart home, surely an intelligently designed kitchen with smart appliances will help with your day-to-day activities. There are several technologically advanced appliances you can upgrade to, including refrigerators that will alert you when your groceries are low or eggs are near their expiration; coffee makers that make your favorite cup of joe when you wake up; faucets that pour exact measurements; and even ovens that connect and function from an app on your phone.

#2 Warmer Tones

If all white kitchens are just not your personal style, whether it’s because it’s hard to maintain their pristine white perfection or just because they’re too plain for you, opt for some fun pops of color this year. What’s coming into the spotlight now are warmer tones. Cabinetry, and especially kitchen islands, are warming up from white to darker stained wood tones or colors that pop, such as blue or green.

#3 Quartzite Countertops

Granite and quartzite are both beautiful kitchen counter options, with quartzite being the higher-end selection. Your counters get a lot of use, from food prep to the many accidental spills, so they need to be sturdy. Quartzite is extremely hard, antimicrobial, and easy to maintain. Granite has many color or style options, which is why it sometimes beats out quartzite. But nowadays, there is a much wider variety of colors and designs you can achieve with a luxurious quartzite countertop.

#4 Cabinetry & Storage Solutions

Storage helps make a kitchen functional, which is why designing cabinetry and storage solutions is essential for your kitchen. It’s also one of the more recently popular kitchen home improvements. You want to create a storage solution that makes sense.

“When designing your kitchen, keep in mind how you plan to use the space and how functional it will be. If you have a deep corner cabinet, have Lazy Susans installed so that you are not losing items in the back,” says organizational guru and owner of The Pop Home Jess McGillicuddy. “I recommend adjustable shelving to accommodate for future changes in dishware and glassware. Consider what you plan to keep on the counter. If you don’t want your knives in a kitchen block taking up counter space, plan for a drawer with drop in knife inserts next to your prep area. Pull out drawers are also essential for heavy kitchen items and allow you to see what you have with ease, instead of reaching deep into the cabinets.”

#5 Multi-Purpose Islands

Islands have a unique way of completing a kitchen and can really accentuate it as the focal point of the home–and they aren’t going away anytime soon because they are so functional. Now, they are adding even more functionality to your kitchen!

These kitchen centerpiece fixtures were mostly used for seating or extra counter space, while the countertops and cabinetry that lined the walls were primarily used for cooking, cleaning, and storage. One big kitchen improvement for 2020 is the multi-purpose island equipped not only with seating, but also with storage, stove tops, and sinks.

Whether you’re building your home from the ground up or looking to make some seasonal upgrades and improvements, we can help. Contact us today to get started!